Dr Kristie Karikios

Behaviour Veterinarian

Dr Kristie Karikios is a fully qualified veterinarian with an interest and further training in veterinary behavioural medicine. She has been offering behavioural advice to clients in general practice for several years, and since starting at Pet Behaviour Vet Dr Kristie is now very excited to be able to perform this service for them in the comfort of their own homes.

Dr Kristie is available for behaviour consultations on Wednesdays.

Interest in Behavioural Medicine

Dr Kristie developed an interest in behavioural medicine while working with local animal shelters as well as numerous rescue groups. She realised many of the animals in pounds and foster care were there for behavioural reasons and wanted to do something more to provide advice and assistance to improve the success of rehoming these pets.

Dr Kristie also realised the need for a stress-free approach to many animals in her care who suffered from anxiety disorders or were experiencing pain or illness during visits to the GP vet clinic where she worked.

In 2014, Dr Kristie and her husband adopted two rescue greyhounds, Digi and Juno. The experience of settling ex-racing dogs into home life and helping Juno with her fears and anxiety has been a wonderful learning experience.

Qualifications and Veterinary Experience

Dr Kristie gained a Bachelor of Veterinary Science with first class honours from the University of Sydney in 2006 and is a registered veterinarian with the Veterinary Practitioners Board of NSW.  She has worked in general practice in Sydney and Vancouver, Canada and enjoys many aspects of veterinary medicine. She has completed Distance Education courses in Internal Medicine and Sonology through the Centre for Veterinary Education, as well as many online courses in a variety of topics from Ophthalmology to Emergency Medicine. Some recent behaviour courses she has attended include:

  • Animal Behaviour and Handling Workshop run by Australian Veterinary Behaviour Services
  • ‘Canine Cognitive Disorder’ seminar through the Centre for Veterinary Education
  • ‘Integrating Behavioural Medicine into First Opinion Practice’ seminar through the Centre for Veterinary Education
  • ‘Update on Drugs used in Behavioural Medicine’ seminar through the Centre for Veterinary Education

Other Interests

In her spare time Dr Kristie enjoys travelling, yoga and spending time with family and friends.