Puppy Preschool® – puppies aged 8-14 weeks

Puppy Preschool® classes

The Puppy Preschool ® concept was formulated by Dr Kersti Seksel, a registered specialist in veterinary behavioural medicine. We have taken on this great concept and applied it to all of our training classes.

  • For puppies 8-14 weeks of age (If your puppy is older than 14 weeks, our Senior Puppy classes would be better suited)
  • Small classes (3-5 puppies) to allow individual attention
  • 1 x 1.5hr information session (humans only!) + 4 x 1hr practical classes
  • Gentle, force-free training using positive reinforcement
  • Program designed in conjunction with a qualified behaviour vet
  • BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL! Call our office directly on 8599 0859 or visit our contact us page to secure your booking.

Topics Covered:

  • Puppy-proofing your home
  • Getting your puppy used to being home alone
  • The right and wrong way to socialise your puppy
  • Detailed explanation of modern dog training methods, treat and reward selection, methods to avoid and clicker training
  • Basic obedience: sit, stay, lie down, leave, give/swap, come, watch, loose lead walking
  • Common puppy problems: play-biting, barking, crying, jumping, chewing, digging and toilet training
  • Handling procedures like nail trims, grooming, medicating and vet exams
  • Teaching your pup how to settle and ignore distractions
  • Environmental enrichment and toy selection
  • Getting used to car travel and confinement
  • Where to from here? Discussion about further training options and dog sports


Fairford Rd Animal Hospital- Tuesdays 7pm

Address: 2 Short St Bankstown NSW 2200

Time: Week 1 (information session) runs from 7:00pm – 8:30pm. Weeks 2-5 run from 7:00pm – 8:00pm.


  • NEXT COURSE: late July 2018 (course starts as soon as it is filled)

Call 8599 0859 or visit our contact us page to book

We are looking for more training locations!

If you are a vet practice, doggy daycare, groomer or pet shop and you would like for us to run puppy training classes on your premises, we would love to hear from you! Please contact manager@petbehaviourvet.com.au