At Pet Behaviour Vet we have a passion for improving the quality of life of both pets and their ownersWe understand that owning an animal with a serious behaviour problem can be extremely stressful for the entire family, for both the furry and two-legged members.

We treat each case as an individual. We acknowledge that every animal has experienced a unique set of events in its life which has made it the complex individual that it is today. This means that pre-packaged, patented ‘one-size-fits-all’ behaviour modification programs do not work for everybody.

This is why our staff spend so much time getting to know your own family circumstances before the consultation has even begun. By the end of the consultation we are then able to create an individualised Behaviour Management Program that is customised to suit your unique situation.

All treatment recommendations are modern, force-free and backed up by science wherever possible. Our behaviour veterinarians and trainers have extensively studied and been examined on various aspects of training, mental health and welfare in animals and stay up to date on the latest cutting-edge, proven treatments that are available.

Continue reading to find out more about how our behaviour veterinarians and trainers can help you to best manage your pet’s behaviour problem.

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We are back to ‘business as usual’, providing our clients with full house call services. CLICK HERE for more information on our COVID-Safe plan.

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