Behavioural Training

We believe that management and behaviour modification training is a critical part of the overall behaviour modification plan for any pet with behavioural problems. Our behaviour veterinarians usually provides you with all you need to know during your consultation, however we often recommend that you seek the help of a behavioural trainer or other professional to help you implement these strategies in a practical way.

We liken this to your GP or psychiatrist referring you to a psychologist, yoga instructor or personal trainer to help you learn the specific skills you need to get better, faster. The same goes for our pets!

At the moment we are referring our clients to external trainers as we are currently not offering in-house training. We are closely affiliated with a network of experienced dog and cat trainers in various locations around Sydney, Wollongong and Brisbane. If we don’t know who to refer you to, we will do our research and find someone!

As animal training is an unregulated industry, we only recommend trainers with whom we have worked closely, who are Delta Institute graduates, and/or are members of the Pet Professionals Guild of Australia.

Please contact us directly for personal recommendations of animal trainers, dog walkers and pet minders.