Interesting Links

General behaviour links

  • Dominance Theory (Debunked!)– Learn why the once-popular Dominance Theory has fallen out of favour and why you should be weary of any technique that requires you to ‘dominate’ your pet.
  • RSPCA position statement on Breed-Specific Legislation
  • Dangerous Dogs- A Sensible solution– the Australian Veterinary Association’s policy on dangerous dog and restricted breed legislation
  • Pets Need a Life Too– An online shop owned by veterinary nurse with an interest in environmental enrichment, Gillian Shippen. Email Gillian with details of your pet’s situation and personality, and she will help you to choose which enrichment device would be most appropriate.
  • Kong 101– One of the most well-known food dispensing toys out there- the humble Kong. Read tips on how to make the most of your Kong, including great stuffing ideas.
  • Crate training– Robin Kovary- American Dog Trainers Network
  • The Muzzle Up! Project- Information on the benefits of muzzling, and how to introduce a muzzle to your dog in a fun and humane way

What is a Veterinary Behaviourist?

Facebook Discussion Groups

  • Anxious Dogs of Australia Support Group– Highly recommended for anybody with an anxious or fearful dog
  • Anxious Cats of Australia (Dr Joanna is a moderator of this group)- Highly recommended for anybody with an anxious or fearful dog
  • Fearful Dogs
  • Nail Maintenance For Dogs– A great resource for people who struggle to trim their dog’s nails
  • Southern Sydney Pets (Dr Joanna is a moderator of this group)
  • Dr Joanna McLachlan has also created and moderates a closed online discussion group for registered veterinarians from around the world to discuss anything related to behavioural medicine. Please contact us directly for details (as this is a closed group).


  • Dr Sophia Yin– Veterinarian, Animal Behaviourist, author
  • Patricia McConnell– Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist, author
  • Fearful Dogs– Debbie Jacobs- Certified Professional Dog Trainer, author. A very useful website with loads of information on helping your fearful, anxious or shy dog
  • YouTube Channels

  • Kikopup Emily Larlham- Dogmantics Dog Training
  • Dr Sophia Yin Veterinarian and Animal Behaviourist