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General behaviour links

What is a Veterinary Behaviourist?

Facebook Discussion Groups

  • Complicated Canines of Australia (Dr Joanna is a moderator of this group)- An Australian support group for owners of complicated dogs, especially those who require behavioural medication
  • Anxious Cats of Australia (Dr Joanna is a moderator of this group)- Highly recommended for anybody with an anxious or fearful dog
  • Fearful Dogs – An international support group for owners of fearful dogs
  • Dr Joanna McLachlan has also created and moderates a closed online discussion group for registered veterinarians from around the world to discuss anything related to behavioural medicine. Please contact us directly for details (as this is a closed group).


  • Dr Sophia Yin– Veterinarian, Animal Behaviourist, author
  • Patricia McConnell– Certified Applied Animal Behaviourist, author
  • Fearful Dogs– Debbie Jacobs- Certified Professional Dog Trainer, author. A very useful website with loads of information on helping your fearful, anxious or shy dog
  • YouTube Channels

  • Kikopup Emily Larlham- Dogmantics Dog Training. Loads of really useful training and behaviour videos.
  • Dr Sophia Yin Veterinarian and Animal Behaviourist.
  • Jackson Galaxy – Cat behaviourist