Meet Our Admin Team

Karen, Faith and Mary assist our vets with their administrative duties at our head office and are usually the first point of contact for our clients. Karen and Faith are also highly experienced, qualified trainers so they know just the right questions to ask you when you call to make an enquiry. As well as manning the phones, our admin team work ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure that our vets receive all documentation before initial consultations, communicate with referring vets and trainers, and manage client accounts.

Karen Riddell

Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner

Qualified Behavioural Trainer &
Veterinary Administrative Assistant

Karen is an experienced behavioural trainer who works in our office from Monday to Friday.

Karen’s love of dogs was in the family with her grandparents competing in Conformation and Obedience with their Weimaraners. Her grandfather gave her Dena, her very own Weimaraner and she started at the local dog club at 9 years of age. This was the beginning of a hobby that she has never grown out of and has turned into a profession.

Qualifications and Experience

Karen has completed Karen Pryor Dog Trainer Professional Course, and many online training courses including those run by Fenzi Academy, Silvia Trkman, and Dr Sarah Heath’s Cat Behaviour course run by the Centre for Veterinary Education. Karen has been to countless training conferences over the years organised by the APDT, PPG and Getting-to-Zero in order to keep her education up-to-date.

Karen is passionate about animal welfare and helping people to understand how their dogs are feeling and to facilitate improved communication between dogs and their people. She has worked in Behaviour at both RSPCA and Animal Welfare League NSW and has extensive experience with anxious dogs in the shelter and foster home environment.

Karen has lived with and competed in a variety of dog sports with several different breeds of dogs. Her dogs have attained Agility and Obedience titles and also placed in Agility in National, as well as at the Roya Easter Show. Her chihuahua Chad was the first Chihuahua in Australia to gain multiple Agility titles. Chad also starred as one of the dogs in the professional stage production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in Sydney where Karen was the handler and trainer of the 10 dogs in the production.

Karen adopted a rescue dog with an anxiety disorder and understands the amount of time and the emotional cost of helping these dogs to live their best lives. At 8 years of age, Nibbler is now a happy and integral part of Karen’s family and has come a long way from the puppy mill where he started life.

Other interests

Whilst dogs are Karen’s first love, she was also the inaugural President of the Australian Rodent Fancier’s Society of NSW and has judged Pet Rats at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. She currently shares her life with her husband, chihuahua and Belgian malinois which means that life is remarkably busy but lots of fun.

Faith Hynoski

Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA)
Cert. Canine Studies (CCS)

Qualified Behavioural Trainer &
Veterinary Administrative Assistant

Faith is an experienced behavioural trainer and office administrator who works in our office on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Early love for animals

Faith’s love for animals was evident from an early age with local strays finding refuge with her after following her home, much to her mother’s dismay. Most left once she located their owners but Raja, a well-tempered German Shepherd puppy would stay for many years. That home would later become a menagerie with rats, mice, lizards, chickens, ducks, birds, dogs, cats, a horse and a wayward possum that quickly ended up in a sanctuary (wild possums don’t make good pets). In 2000, Faith, her husband and their pet ferret, Zonk relocated to the USA and they eventually found themselves adopting another six ferrets.

Qualifications and Experience

Faith has over 20 years of reception and administrative experience in the areas of hospitality, advertising, technology and architecture in Melbourne, Sydney, Seattle and San Francisco. She studied an Associate degree in Arts and Science with a focus on Psychology and Criminal Justice, with original goal being to become a Criminal Profiler.

However, in 2005 she adopted a young, and extremely exuberant American Pit bull terrier who was not at all food motivated. She decided she needed to learn more about dog behaviour so she enrolled in the Certificate in Canine Studies program at the NW School of Canine Studies, under the mentorship of Cristine Dahl. The knowledge she gained certainly made her a better dog owner, and she also realized that she was passionate about helping other dog owners who were struggling to understand their dog’s needs. Six months later she had given up on her dream of working in the field of Criminal Justice, and instead found herself running a popular inner city dog-training studio in Seattle teaching dog training classes and doing one-on-one consultations. Her pit bull went on to become a therapy dog that participated in prison visitations and school vacation camps educating people on responsible dog ownership.

She volunteered at various dog shelters and worked as an adoption adviser, in the process adopting two more high-energy breeds. In 2010, after completing the required 300+ training hours and obtaining professional references, Faith sat the comprehensive 4hr exam to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. Continuing educational requirements must also be met yearly to maintain her CPDT-KA status.

In 2011, Faith relocated to San Francisco and took a break to give birth to her baby and spend time hiking around California with her dogs. After returning to Sydney she completed Susan Friedman’s vigorous 3-month course, ‘Living & Learning with Animals’ in 2017, 2018 and 2019. She also completed Michael Shikashio’s, ‘Aggresson in Dogs’ mentorship.

Faith is a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator (FPPE) and professional member of APDT USA, APDT Australia, the Professional Pet Guild and a supporting member of the IAABC. She continues to stay up-to-date on all things pertaining to canines and behaviour through seminars, workshops and webinars. She is currently working on obtaining her certification with the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC).

Other interests

Faith lives with her husband and young son. She shares her home with Ziggy an American Staffy and two goldfish: Kyoga and Harry Potter. She is a passionate bibliophile, enjoys dabbling in the stock market, loves getting lost in a good book, working in her vegetable garden, and catching up with friends.

Mary Sekuloski

Diploma of Business (Human Resources)

Veterinary Administrative Assistant

Mary is an experienced office administrator, with over ten years of experience working in a busy corporate office prior to joining us at Pet Behaviour Vet. She works in our office on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Mary owns a bull terrier called Archie and an American staffordshire called Zara, both of whom are patients of Pet Behaviour Vet, so she completely understands what it’s like to have a pet who needs special help.