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Pet Behaviour Mythbuster #4 Behavioural Medications only mask the problem

The purpose of modern behavioural medications, when prescribed correctly, is to treat disease. They help an unhealthy brain function in a more healthy way, to allow the animal to learn more efficiently and make good choices. They are not supposed

Pet Behaviour Mythbuster #2 – More exercise is not always the answer

A common piece of advice we hear from dog enthusiasts is that dogs showing behavioural problems (like barking, destruction, aggression and escaping) must be suffering from a lack of exercise. Therefore they must be regularly exercised to the point of

Pet Behaviour Mythbuster #1 – It’s ok to comfort a scared dog!

Welcome to the very first installment of ‘Pet Behaviour Mythbusters’! First up is a response to one of the most common myths we come across: “I don’t want to reassure my dog when it is scared because it might reinforce

Why obedience training won’t fix your panicking pet

As a veterinarian, one of the most common topics I am asked about during a standard consultation is behaviour. Sitting somewhere at the top of the list of commonly asked questions is this one: Why does my dog do so well at obedience training,