Information for Referring Trainers and Behaviourists


If you have a case that you would like to refer, if you aren’t sure if a specific case requires a behaviour veterinarian’s opinion, or even if you just want to have a general chat with one of our behaviour veterinarians, then please feel free to drop us a line. Alternatively, you can give your clients our details and they can contact us directly.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of being referred cases for behaviour modification or training we would love for you to contact us to have a chat.

Referring a Case

If you are referring a case to one of our behaviour veterinarians, please provide us with either a verbal or written (preferred) account of the techniques that you have been working on with your client and their pet, preferably at least two business days before they are booked in to see us.

With the client’s consent, we will keep you, the referring trainer/behaviourist involved in the management of cases that you have referred to us. We do this by sending you a copy of our consultation notes (with the owner’s consent) after each consultation which may include a list of suggested exercises that our behaviour veterinarians would like you to implement, when the patient is ready.

Once the patient has been treated and is back to a state where it can begin thinking clearly and therefore be able to learn, it will be referred back to you for the practical implementation of behaviour modification. We ask that you work together with us and follow any general behaviour modification and environmental management recommendations that have been made in order to help prevent any conflicting recommendations being made. We are more than happy for you to use your individual methods when it comes to the practical implementation of these recommendations, as long as such techniques comply with our training philosophy. One of our staff would be more than happy to discuss the fine details over the phone with you.

In return we ask that you keep us regularly updated with details of any progress that is being made (with the owner’s consent, of course). This is important, as we value the observations of other behaviour professionals when evaluating whether our behaviour management program is working, and what changes, if any, need to be made to it in order to ensure the best chance of success.

We don’t like stealing other people’s clients! Clients will only be offered an internal referral to our own behavioural trainer in the following circumstances: if they are not currently affiliated with a trainer/behaviourist, if the referring professional is unable or unwilling to take on the case, if the referring professional does not follow our training philosophy, or in very rare cases, when the client has decided that they do not wish to continue seeing their referring professional for personal reasons.

We are here to work together with other behaviour professionals to provide an excellent behavioural service to our mutual clients and their beloved pets. The important role that trainers and behaviourists play in the management of the cases that come through our practice cannot be over-emphasised, and we highly value their input in every case.