Recommended Behaviour and Training Products

The following products are often recommended by our Veterinary Behaviourist Dr Joanna McLachlan in her behaviour modification programs. We endeavour to make these products available for purchase from our Online Store in the near future. For suggestions on where to source these products in the meantime, please contact us.

Walking aids

  • Flat collars and leads- e.g. Lupine, Aussie Dog Collars
  • Double-ended leads
  • Head halters- e.g. Gentle Leader, Halti
  • Safety clip for attaching halter to collar e.g. Gentle Leader
  • Front-attach harnesses- e.g. Easy-Walk
  • NOTE- we do not recommend the use of retractable leads, choke/check chains or prong collars


  • Basket style- plastic, metal or leather- e.g. Baskerville
  • NOTE- nylon muzzles and those that are designed to keep the mouth closed are only to be used for short periods (a few minutes), such as during nail trims or short veterinary examinations.  Basket muzzles like the ones mentioned above are to be used for longer periods, especially if the dog is stressed or exercising (e.g. during a walk) as they allow the dog to pant, drink water and even accept treats.

Training aids

  • Clickers
  • Treat and Train
  • Treats
    • Cats- Greenies for cats, tuna, fish food flakes, vegemite
    • Dogs- dried liver or meat, fresh chicken cubes

Products for Anxious or Fearful pets

  • Dogs
    • Adaptil- diffuser, spray and collars
    • Anxiety wrap e.g. Thundershirt
    • Calming cap
    • Ear muffs e.g. Mutt Muffs
    • Warnings- Yellow dog, Aussie Dog Collars
  • Cats
    • Feliway- diffuser and spray
    • Anxiety wrap e.g. Thundershirt
    • Calming cap

Commercial food

  • Hill’s b/d diet